Our Mission

The Nursing Moms Project is a pro- breastfeeding initiative directed at new moms to encourage breastfeeding as the healthiest choice for both mother and baby. In spite of the fact that all current medical, social and psychological studies provide overwhelming evidence that the “breast is best” minimal gains have been made to overcome the social stigma attached to breastfeeding.  Western society’s obsession with the superficial objectification of the body through fashion, advertisement and the media has totally invalidated the natural functions of the female body. The economic pressures and unrealistic expectations of society foster an environment that is not supportive to nursing mothers.  One example of this is how the milk formula companies are promoting bottle feeding  as a time saving and “liberating” alternative for women, freeing them from the restrictions of  having to breastfeeding their  babies. Our goal is to try and influence public opinion of breastfeeding by combining information and imagery. The intention is to raise public awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding and at the same time raise funds for other pro-breastfeeding organizations.